"The closer to uncertainty and death you are, the more important music becomes."

- Lt Col Bob Meldrum - Music, Poetry and the Trauma of War, LSO St Luke's, 2 November 2014

Music, Poetry and the Trauma of War

LSO St Luke's, Sunday 2 November, 10:00 - 17:30


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Throughout recorded history, music has accompanied soldiers marching to war, but it has also mourned their loss and attempted to help survivors come to terms with the devestation that ensues. This study day complements the world premiere of Equal Voices, Sally Beamish's setting of Andrew Motion's poem commemorating the First World War and looks at how poets and composers have responded to conflict.

Speakers: Stephen Johnson, Hugh McManners, Lord Alderdice, Lt Col Bob Meldrum, Andrew Motion and Sally Beamish

This event included a ticket to the evening premiere of Equal Voices in the LSO concert at the Barbican.

Mozart and the Power of Music: Memory, Myth & Magic

Senate House, Friday 24 October, 10:00 - 20:45


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Musicologists, scientists, medical professionals and performers will debate the questions: how does performing and listening to music affect the brain? Does it increase your capacity to retain information? Is there a 'Mozart effect'? Does music have the power to heal?

Speakers: Prof Jessica Grahn, Prof Jane Ginsborg, Stephen Johnson, Nigel Osborne, Prof Michael TrimbleKirsteen Davidson-Kelly and Prof Dale Hesdorffer. 

Performers: Ian Brown piano, James Gilchrist tenor, Anna Tilbrook piano


  • To bring together the worlds of science and the arts
  • To advance understanding of the value of music and other art forms to the mind, brain and body

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  • The Beethoven Question: Can Art Make Life Worth Living?
  • Why Music? Is Music Different from the Other Arts?

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